Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog in the entire world. The name of the dog comes from the Chihuahua State in Mexico. The Chihuahua is most recognized for their big eyes, small bodies and big ears. The American Kennel Club does acknowledge two types of Chihuahua, the long coat and the small coat. Chihuahuas have very thin hair but the long coat dogs have a thicker coat, click. These dogs do not generally get any bigger than 10 inches and they have a safe weight of about 6 pounds. Any more weight on such as s small dog can be dangerous to the dog.

Chihuahuas have a great sense of devotion to their owners, though they do have a fierce growl and severe bite. These dogs are high strung but you can get them enrolled in training and in socialization classes that will help them calm down and relax a bit more. Unlike Tea Cup Poodles, Chihuahuas do find devotion to one person and stay focused on that person. These types of dogs can even become jealous of human relationships. But through the socialization classes it can help the dog adjust to others better.

Chihuahuas are also fearless and some say they are plainly unaware of how small they are. They will confront larger animals and they do pack with other Chihuahuas. A Chihuahua’s health is something you should take seriously because of their vitamin b12 spritzen ampullen and height and weight. They are prone to the cold weather because they are so low to the ground that is the reason why most people dress up their dogs. The people who dress them up in the summer months just dress them so they can look nice.

Chihuahuas are prone to epilepsy and seizures as well. They are also prone to patella luxation and a collapsing trachea. The Toy Chihuahua is a common breed for water on the brain. This usually occurs in puppies and the end result is death. These dogs also have soft skulls as well. They are also a high risk for hypoglycemia. These dogs are at risk to many health problems because they are so small and because they are purebred’s officials are not sure if the dogs are being bred correctly. Some purebreds tend to be in breds so be careful which breeder you get your dog from. Make sure they have the correct papers including the immunization papers.

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