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Dog Flea Medications

One of the most common ailments a dog can have is fleas. There are so many flea medications as well as flea collars on the market it may be hard to choose. Flea collars are great but sometimes they just do the job, especially if your pet is outside a lot. There are some great products out there. Here are some of the most popular brands.

Advantage is one of the better products on the market in flea medication. They promise to have relief from fleas in as quickly as 3 to 5 minutes after you put the product on your dog. Advantage also promises to kill at least 98 percent of fleas on your dog. One treatment last a one month so you don’t have to worry about trying to remember which day the dog gets their flea treatment. There are different treatments for dogs of a certain weight. That makes it easy for you to tell what your dogs needs. Green is for dogs of 1 to 10 pounds, Teal is for dogs of 11 to 20 pounds, Red is for dogs of 21 to 55 pounds and Blue is for 55 plus pounds.

Frontline is another great product, they promise to get rid of 100 percent of all fleas in the first 48 hours and to keep them off. Just an Advantage does, they also have a color coded chart for your dog. Orange is for dogs, 1 to 22 pounds, Blue is for 23 to 44 pounds, Purple, is for 45 to 88 pounds and Red is 85 to 132 pounds. Each package contains a 6 month treatment.

K9 Advantix promises to kill about 98 percent of fleas. Like the other two products, it is a once a month treatment and they too have a color coded weight chart. Green is for 3 to 10 pounds, Teal is 11 to 22 pounds, Red is for 21 to 55 pounds and Blue is for 55 plus pounds.

Program is another great flea medication for your dog. Each packet has 6 tablets that are give once a month for 6 months of full protection. They took are color coded by weight. They are Brown for dogs up to 10 pounds, Red is for dogs 11 to 20 pounds, Yellow is for dogs 21 to 45 pounds and White is for 46 to 90 pounds.

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