Dog Mixes

There are many different types of dog mixes they are more commonly called mutts. These are when two species of dogs get together and have puppies they result in mutts or mongrels. A dog could be a mixture of more than 2 breeds. Mixed dogs come in all shapes, ear types and tails there really isn’t a certain look a mongrel has. The mixed breeds have names as well. For example, when you take a Pekingese and a Poodle together they form a Peekapoo.

Sometimes mixed breeds can have things like a flattened face like the Pug or the English Bulldog. Mixed breeds also have a size that is a cross between the parents. There is no specific weight or color but some colors are more common than others. Mixed breeds do not follow the color of their parents they tend to be light to medium, or brown to black with a white chest or other markings.

The medical theory of hybrids says that dogs of mixed breeds tend to be healthier than a purebred. Not in all cases but it is relevant in some cases but it is also true because purebreds have been inbreeding so the genetics of a mixed dog rather than a purebred will be healthier. For example, German Shepherds tend to be suffer from hip dysplasia but if took a shepherd and a collie chances are that genetic diseases won’t be passed down.

There are different types of mixed breeding, the crossbred dogs which are two known breeds of dogs like we said with the Shepherd and the Collie or a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. This may be the new trend of breeders, in the future when mating dogs of the same breed happened they will actually give birth to purebreds.

Mixed breed dogs are better at dog sports as well as obedience, agility exercises, fly ball and the age old dog game of Frisbee. You can find a large number of mixed dogs at animal shelters and they are adopted to be trained in these dogs’ sports and they are registered to compete in sanctioned games.

Pure breeds are often chosen over mixed breeds because of a social standard, there are people who say they would rather answer a German Shepherd when asked what type of dog they have rather than say a mutt. Mixed dogs are healthier and they excel in many things that pure breeds don’t.

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