Dogo Canario

This is a strange and different breed that most people have probably never heard of. This is a large breed of dog that used to be used as a farm dog but they are a great breed of guard dogs. The breed is from the Canary Islands as early as the 1700’s.These dogs have a very powerful, balanced appearance. These types of dogs are built like a brick house but they can move very well. They actually have heads like pit bulls and they have small ears that are cropped but in some countries cropping ears are illegal so normally their ears are more of a pendant shape.

The size of the dogs can be a little intimidating the female dogs can average about 2 feet and weigh about 80 to 105 pounds. The male dogs are about 2 feet as well and they can weigh between 110 to 130 pounds. With this and any breed of dogs, when a dog exceeds the weight requirements anything over what they should be it can cause a health risk. .

The coat and the dog is medium length and the colors of the dog are called Black, Silver Fawn, Red Fawn, Red Brindle, Brown Bridle, Fawn Bridle, Reverse Brindle and Verdino. The behavior of these dogs can be very aggressive toward other dogs and some people in rare cases. These types of dogs unlike pit bulls can be socialized and they can be trained to be a pet that everyone including other pets can be around.

These dogs are purebreds, when choosing this style of dog be careful where you get the dog from. Breeders must be licensed so make sure if you want this breed that you go to a licensed breeder. Sometimes purebreds are not healthy pets so make sure you have paperwork stating that the dog has a clean bill of health and that they have all their vaccinations as well.

The lifespan of the Dogo Carnario is approximately 8 to 12 years and like with any dog if you keep them healthy and happy they can live a long time. Feed them the proper food and take them to vet they can live the full 12 years. This type of dog is not a common breed, if you are considering getting this dog, do a complete research on the dog. Make sure the breeder is legitimate before buying one. You can call the American Kennel Club for this information.

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