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English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs or Bulldogs is a dog who got there name from their origin in England. These dogs are medium in size but they have a very stocky frame. Their bodies may seem out of shape but they have very sturdy legs. They do waddle when they walk though, but it only adds to their charm. The mature male bulldog will weigh in about 50 pounds and a mature female will weigh in 40 pounds. It seems like a lot of weight on a dog that will only reach about 14 inches. Their size makes them a very popular pet and people love the small dogs.

Some people believe that Bulldogs are mean and vicious but these digs are actually very mild tempered. They get along with children and other pets as well. They have a stubborn streak and a very protective one as well. If you choose a Bulldog as a pet there are some things you should know. For example, if your Bulldog gets into a fight with another dog, you will be wasting your time in yelling at them because a Bulldog involved in a fight like most dogs will not acknowledge you.

Hitting a Bulldog while in a fight will get you nowhere either. A Bulldog is concentrated while in a fight. That is where the names comes from, they are strong like bulls and they have the tenacity of a bull. Bulldogs unlike other dogs won’t growl or give any indication they are going to fight. You may see a tightening of the body; maybe your dog is making strong eye contact with another dog. If you see any of these signs, try to break your dog’s concentration anyway you can.

Bulldogs also suffer from health problems too; they have hip dysplasia and some breathing problems. Most purebreds have similar problems as well. It is because some purebreds are bred with the same liter or family members. Mutts have fewer problems because they are a mixed breed. Bulldogs do require exercise on a daily basis, if you don’t get to walk the dog everyday; the dog will gain more weight and will become a problem in the future.

These dogs also should have facial cleanings because of the many folds in their faces. A Bulldog can get an infection from the daily moisture in the folds in the face. A Bulldog is a great dog and they require a lot of things to keep them healthy and happy.

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