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Miniature English Bulldog

The Miniature English Bulldog or otherwise known as Toy Bulldog is a breed of Bulldog that is extinct. These dogs averaged about 8 pounds and they were not purebreds because they were bred with Pugs. Most of the dogs existed in the 19th century but were pushed out of England because it threatened the existence of the British Bulldog.These dogs went over to France and there the French Bulldog was born. But that breed did not least either.

Not much is known about these dogs. For example what their temperament was, their life span, how much the weigh or how tall they got to be. What health problems they had, it could be very important if breeders are serious about reinventing this type of dog. These days breeders are trying to revive the breed again but there is no word on how or when it can be done is not known for sure.

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