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Pets get sick just like humans do and when you get sick what do you do? You go to the doctor. When your pet is sick you take them to the vet. Now there is a way to ease the pain of having to pay for vet bills. There is pet insurance. These pet insurance policy covers sickness and accident cases and some will include lost or stolen pets and even a pet’s death.

A pet’s insurance company will pay out 80 to 90 percent and have a small deductible of about $ 50 to $ 100. How this insurance works is that the pet owner will pay the vet bill in its entirety and then send in the bill and the insurance company will reimburse you the 80 to 90 percent. There are some times that the vet bills are way too high so the vet will offer a contingency plan to pay the vet when the bill is processed.

Pet insurances typically won’t cover things like flea medication or flea collars. Insurance will not cover vaccinations or spaying or neutering. Some policies offer a routine program that will help defray the costs. In the United States VPI Pet Insurance is one of the largest pet insurance companies in the country offer dog, cat, birds and other exotic animals.

VPI Pet Insurance will cover accidents and illnesses, MRI, CAT Scans and X Rays. Surgeries are covered as well as cancer treatments, prescription medications, hospitalizations and with the VPI Superior Plan with Routine Care; the entire aforementioned are covered as well as vaccinations, heart worm protection and annual exams. The insurance company will give you a free quote on their website. Dog insurance is relatively inexpensive, it averages around $ 33 for dogs and cats are about the same.

You have the piece of mind knowing that if anything happens to your pet that you can have them treated and not worry about the bill. There are many insurance companies around, you don’t have to use the one we listed, but they seem to have the best rates. Millions of people use them each year. More and more people are getting insurance for their pets because sometimes an accident happens and you can’t really afford to lay out the money but with insurance you lay it out and then get reimbursed. It works for millions let it work for you.

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