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When you buy a pet for the first time you know they are going to be in the need of some care and some supplies. If you have a dog, you are going to need a dog bowl, dog food (if this is a new pet, ask your vet what type of food they should have. Some puppies require different types of food than others). They will need a water dish unless you have no objections with the dog drinking from the toilet. These next supplies are purely a matter of preference, a toothbrush for your dog, a dog bed and a crate to keep your dog contained while no one is home. One other very important thing you must get, a leash, it is against the law to walk your dog without a leash and in most states it is illegal for your dog to be outside at all without a leash if not kept in a fenced in yard.

Cats require some different types of supplies than dogs. They do not require a leash but if your cat is going to be an retterspitz apotheke it is a good idea to have a collar with your information in case your cat gets lost. But unlike a dog you will need a cat litter box and cat litter. You may want to make cleaning your cat box a little easier, invest in some plastic durable cat litter liners. Clean will be a snap. You will also need cat food and while cats do drink from the toilet like dogs, you may want to get a water dish.

Cat food is a necessity, if you just purchased the cat, take your cat to the vet for a check up and then find out what brand of style of cat food is ok to give your new pet. Don’t assume if you have a kitten then they should automatically be give kitten chow, ask your vet.

Other animals like birds require a cage, bird seed, and liners for the bottom of the cage and maybe a play bell or a treat to hang in the bird’s cage. If your new pet is a Rabbit, Guinea Pig or a Hamster then you will need a cage, a food bowl, food pellets, maybe some bedding for the cage, newspapers to line the cage and a toy for them to play with.

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