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Some people want their dogs to be well behaved and well trained. They try training them themselves but sometimes patience runs out. So they entrust their dogs to a dog trainer. A pet trainer will take your pet and teach them to do a whole array of things. Pet trainers are not just for dogs but for cats too. One key point in pet training is potty training. A kitten is pretty simple, with a cat, you show them the litter box once or twice they learn pretty quickly where it is and there are rarely any problems with cats and accidents on the floor.

Dogs on the other hand are slightly more difficult, with puppies you have two times to teach a dog potty training. When a puppy learns paper training you may use a wee wee pad to help and then once your dog learns the paper training, you have to teach them to go outside so then you have to teach them not to go on the paper.

With dogs you also have to teach them to sit and lay down and some people would like to teach their dogs to roll over though some people think it’s a neat trick. You want to teach the dog to stay off the couch, not to beg from the table and you want to teach your dog how to protect the home.

A pet trainer will teach your dogs commands they will follow when you tell them. If you teach a dog the world attack in a strong voice they will do it. There is no such thing as you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If you have the patience and the strength you can teach a dog anything. You can even teach a dog not chase a cat. Cats on the other hand are not so easily taught. You can’t teach a cat to attack like a dog and you can’t teach them to sit.

You can however, teach your cat to not claw the furniture, you can teach them not to jump on the dinner table or anytime there is food on the table. You can teach a cat how to chase mice though most know how through instinct. You can train your cat not to bite or claw and you can even control their desire to spray.

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