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Wolf Hybrid

A wolf hybrid or wolf dog is an obvious result from mating a dog and a wolf. Breeders prefer the term wolf dog to wolf hybrids. The wolf dogs are hybrids in the sense that the breed is a cross between two species. Different organizations such as AVMA and government agencies like the USDA call this type of dog wolf dogs and in the United Kingdom they are called hybrids for legal reasons. Combining this type of animal is not at all without its controversy, for the past 20 years arguments regarding this type of dog have been playing out.

Places like Europe and United States have either banned this type of animal as a pet or in places like the United Kingdom there are restrictions and regulations that are placed on owning this type of animal. The reason why there are so many rules and restrictions is the fact that half of these dogs are wolfs. If you have ever seen a wolf before you understand why it has to be this way.

Wolves are unpredictable and highly aggressive and some people believe that because they are also half dog that there are some dog traits that can be trained. The fact is that you just don’t know. Can you imagine a wolf hybrid with the other dog being a pit bull or a Rottweiler? That would be the most dangerous combination you could imagine. It just isn’t necessary to breed wolves with dogs. Huskies are said to be part wolf and they are fine but the Husky also has Foxhound, Greyhound and Doberman mixed, they are not a straight hybrid.

Scientists state that wolf dogs have been around for over 10,000 years. They have also found evidence that these wolf dogs have bred with other species as well. It is said that wolf dogs date back to prehistoric times and these animals were used as hunting dogs looking for mammoths.

Today, they say that work dogs are only with wolves that have kept in captivity since birth so they would not be so aggressive because they would be raised by humans. The fact remains that they are still wolves and even if they are raised by humans, what guarantee is there that the wolf won’t have an aggressive moment. You have to remember that these are still wolves. As a form of research it would be interesting to see how these wolf hybrids would react as a pet we would rather not know.

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