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Yorkshire Terrier

These dogs are commonly called Yorkies. This breed of dog is long haired and very playful. They have that standout tan and black long fur, they weigh between 5 and 7 pounds, they have a very compact build and they hold themselves in upright manner that lets people know they are confident and self assured. The Yorkie is usually perceived as having a good time, they hold their heads ands tails up high and because they are so small it doesn’t mean they are mean or fragile dogs. They can hold their own.

The Yorkshire Terrier has a small head that is a little flat and a little rounded. They have eyes that stick out a little further than some dogs but not too much. They have the perfect bite, it is not too hard and they don’t bite softly either. They have small ears that are set on their heads not on the sides. When people buy these dogs to enter into a competition the ears on these dogs must stand up they cannot flop if they don’t stand up they can be disqualified.

The breeding standards for these dogs state that the Yorkshire Terrier can weigh no more than 7 pounds. Their backs must be level and at the height of the neck and the tail should be the same. The tail is allowed to be raised higher than the back of the dog. Competition is very stiff among breeders. Sometimes it is not fair to the dog to go through all of the training to run through hoops and stuff just to make their owners money. Dogs should be treated like family and not moneymakers.

Terriers are very independent and they are very smart dogs as well. They make great pets and they find where they belong pretty quickly. They do bark at people they do not know but they are friendly and outgoing with the family. They can also be shy and timid. Terriers also have ailments like other dogs they are prone to bronchitis, cataracts, keratits sicca and a digestive system problems as well.

The life span of Yorkshire Terrier has a life span of about 12 to 15 years, if they are taken care of. They make great pets and if you choose to use them for competition make sure that you have all of their papers and bring them to a vet and keep an eye on their health and well being.

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