The new community plaza for Santa Cruz County to come together.

The dream for Abbott Square began with our community in 2013. Families, business owners, historians, street performers, and the MAH developed a vision for what kind of center we needed for a vibrant, dynamic county. The MAH worked with urban planners and designers to transform the community vision into an inspiring, functional design. In 2015, the project was successfully funded with $5 million from community supporters who wanted to make this dream a reality.

The MAH is introducing Abbott Square in June 2017. This plaza will include five restaurants, two bars, free performances, plenty of seating, and a family-friendly Secret Garden. Be the first to hear about updates and follow the project on Instagram and subscribe to the Abbott Square newsletter.


What will it be like
when Abbott Square opens?

Imagine strolling down Pacific Avenue and hearing live music from Abbott Square. Turn onto Cooper Street, walk up the stairs, and enjoy a killer local band playing in the plaza. You can get a delicious local meal--and beer and wine--and sit outside to enjoy people-watching, performances, and public art all around. In the back, kids are building forts among the lush plants in the Secret Garden.