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Cats are pets that are valued by us because of their ability and desire to kill rats, mice and other large vermin. Cats are intelligent animals that know how to survive the harshest of weather when left outdoors. Cats like dogs use their body language as a form of communication. They also meow and purr when they are happy and growl when they are not. Other verbal communications of the cat are hissing, chirping, clicking, squeaking and grunting. Cats are typically not large animals they average anywhere between 5 and 16 pounds, though there are cats that are very huge but it is extremely unhealthy for them.

Cats do have loose skin on their bodies as opposed to dogs whose skin is tight. You have seen a mother cat pick up her young by the scruff of their neck. The loose skin of a cat can help a cat confront a predator or defend themselves in a fight. The loose skin also helps when a cat needs shots at the vet, the loose skin can bunch up and it makes it easier for a vet to inject them with vaccinations.

Cats have great hearing; they have onfy lutschtabletten gegen halsschmerzen, 62 separate muscles in their ear which lets them have directorial hearing. This means a cat may hear something on the side of the body and they can turn their ears in the direction of the sound and not even turn the head of the cat. The majority of cats have straight up pinpoint ears. When a cat is scared or mad, take notice that they will put their ears back.

Cats are digitigrades meaning they walk on their toes, the bones in their feet actually make up their lower part of the joom. Cats can walk by moving both legs on one side and then have both legs on the other. Most animals walk on alternate sides of their feet. Cats also have retractable claws, when a cat is mad they can shoot out their claws and when they are relaxed they can retract them back in.

Cats have a great sense for hunting; they have great hearing, eyesight and taste. Their sense of touch is awesome because of their padded feet. A cat can see better at night and they have better night vision than humans to. Cats are really a very interesting pet. You can sit for hours and learn how a cat reacts to things and they have a very interesting behavior.

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