We’re excited about the Abbott Square project because it will bring a dynamic, festive and community-oriented boost to downtown Santa Cruz. We need a central accessible public space where people can gather and enjoy art, food and exhibits.

Vision Abbott Square Lead Supporters

FOUNDATIONS ($200,000 – $500,000)

ArtPlace America
Helen and Will Webster Foundation
Monterey Bay Peninsula Foundation

INDIVIDUALS & Businesses ($100,000 - $1,000,000)

MAH Board of Trustees
Bud and Rebecca Colligan
John McEnery IV
Joanna Miller
Julie Packard
Plantronics, Inc.


City of Santa Cruz
County of Santa Cruz

The MAH is a catalyst for positive change throughout our whole County. Abbott Square is going to do that for so many people in so many ways.

Amazing Community Donors

INDIVIDUALS & BUSINESSES ($10,000 – $100,000)

Craig and Dusty Miller
George Newell
Peter and Mary Ann Orr
Rowland and Pat Rebele
Patti and David Schwartz
Jim Thompson
UC Santa Cruz
West Marine

Mary & Harry Blanchard
Sheila Burke
Canyon View Capital
Vance Landis-Carey and Robert Carey
Angela Chesnut
John and Karen Dowdell
Judy Jones
Laura and Terry LaPorte
Esther and Gerry Levandoski

Individuals & Businesses ($1,000-$10,000)

George Kennedy                                   Bill Ladusaw and Ken Christopher
Diane and Patrick Reilly Lamotte
Mark Lawsen
Nate Lieby
Harriet Maglin & Joe Ravetz
Lighthouse Bank
Andrea London
Murphy's Pub
Chris Neklason and Peggy Dolgenos
Harvey and Judy Nickelson
Raffi and Lisa Ortiz
PacCom Management Services Inc.
Mark and Karen Miller Pace
Wayne Palmer
Celeste Pearle
Steve and Diane Pereira
Burt Rees
Katherine and Buz Roberts
Sally-Christine Rodgers and Randy Repass
Santa Cruz County Bank
Santa Cruz Warriors
Tim & Lisa Robinson
Kathy Rose
Cathy & Kent Schlumbrecht
Maryjane Slade
Al and Louisa Smith
Ashley and Jon Spencer
Heather and Trevor Stiles
Brian and Shelley Strehlke
Howard Susman
Dee and Mark Tannenbaum
David and Monica Terrazas
Linda Wilshusen and Rock Pfotenhauer
Christopher Wilmers
Jon and Jill Winston
Harriet Wrye
David Zeltser and Fiona Dulbecco

Michael & Toby Alexander
Robert Allen
Kathy and John Ballard
Carola Barton and John Supan
Sandra Moore Berrey
Robert & Vanessa Blumberg
John Bost
Larry Brenner
Roberta Burns
John and Linda Burroughs
Darrin and Jen Caddes
Carla Carstens
Linda Charman
Ceil Cirillo
Michaela Clark-Nagaoka
Val Cole and Freny Cooper
Carolyn and Curt Coleman
Terry Corwin
Keri and Dan Crask
Faye Crosby
Design by Cosmic Inc.
Ken and Kathy Doctor
Downtown Association of Santa Cruz
Roberta Dunton
Adele and Glenn Eberhart
James Emerson
Celeste Faraola and David Perie
Sue Ellen Gales
Cori Gerlach
Susan and John Graulty
Joe and Marcella Hall
Amy and David Harrington
Gregg and Aven Switzer Herken
Kevin Hoshiko
Patricia Humecke
Steve and Maxine Howard Jacobs
Amy Joanides
Mim John
Judy Jones
Susan Karon
Donna and Richard Keith



INdividuals & Businesses ($1 - $1,000)

Shareen Abramson · Lee Allan and Jill Nickolene Sanders · Wendy Aman · 
Katherine Beiers · Linda Benko · Anthony Burson-Thomas · Tom Burns · Pat Busch · Pedro Castillo · Melissa Coleman · Ryan and Emily Coonerty · Allison Cruz · Lee and Emily Duffus · Jackie Elder · Gale Farthing · Howard Heevner · David and Emily Jacobs · Bill Kempf · Orry Korb · Neal Langholz · Martha MacCambridge · Cynthia and Bill Mathews · Mark Mesiti-Miller and Donna Murphy · Kathryn Nance · Linda Neher · Dard Newman and Rizvi Seema · Janis O'Driscoll · Greg Pepping · Bernard Pregerson · Manuel & Halimah Prado · Cindy Rubin · Jenny Sandorf · Rocky Snyder

Community Partners

Arts Council Santa Cruz County · First Friday Santa Cruz · Downtown Association · Diversity Center · Downtown Commission · Open Streets · San Lorenzo River Alliance · Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce · Santa Cruz Arts Commission · Santa Cruz County Farmers Markets · Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation · Santa Cruz Public Libraries · Tannery Art Center · United Way