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Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever or Labs as they are known by, is the most popular breed of dog in both the United States and in the United Kingdom. This breed of dog is special because they are so friendly and smart. They make great companions as well as work dogs; they make great dogs to help care for the handicap or for the blind. Labs love attention and eat up when people fawn over them. They are playful all year round and in the warmer months they love the water.

Labs have had so many different names throughout history; see if you recognize any of them. St. John’s Dog, Newfoundland dog, Black Water Dogs, English Retriever and English Labrador. There are more male dogs than females but the males weigh about 60 to 80 pounds and females can weigh about 45 to 70 pounds. They are short hair dogs but they have very shiny coats too. The have very strong tails as well. Common colors of the labs are Chocolate, Black and Yellow. Their eye colors can be brown or hazel and the ears of a Lab hang from the head they do not stand straight up.

Labs can adapt to almost any situation with ease. They are not too possessive, insecure or aggressive. They make good protectors and they do have one person loyalty but they do like to play and will play with anyone in the family. They will protect their property and their family. The Labs are very laid back and get along with babies very well. They have no fear and that can sometimes lead them to cause trouble, so teach them off the bat who is boss and what they can and cannot have.

Labs have a great appetite and will almost anything. Because of their tendency to eat everything, keep a careful eye on your dog’s weight, too much weight on a dog is not healthy for them. Labs because they are a purebred are prone to ailments like hip dysplasia. Ear Infections are common among Labs, knee problems such as luxating patella, eye problems can happen as well.

Labs make great pets, as long as you keep your pet healthy and happy they should live a long life. Labs are loyal and they like to have fun, their owners should be the same. They deserve someone who will treat them they way they deserve to be treated.

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