Incorporated in 1992, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH) is a dynamic home for County art and history in Downtown Santa Cruz. We’re growing, and we believe in the power of culture and creativity to build community. Where better to expand than onto our front porch in Abbott Square?

Abbott Square will take our mission out into the community we serve. Each year, we bring together over 50,000 artists, historians, students, and community members at the MAH. And that’s just inside the museum. With Abbott Square as our front porch, we expect to expand our impact ten-fold.

We have a track record of successful transformation and growth. In the past four years, the MAH has grown dramatically. We doubled our budget. Doubled our staff. Tripled our annual attendance. Launched outreach programs throughout the County. Collaborated with thousands of unlikely civic and creative partnerships.

The MAH is now seen as a trusted, dynamic resource for local residents—and a national innovator in the arts. Our work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and we have attracted millions in funding for the museum from competitive national grant programs.

We are ready to go further in Abbott Square. In partnership with the City and County, we will take the MAH’s unique spirit of community and creativity into the public sphere. In Abbott Square, we can bring people together around creativity and culture like never before.

Museum Leadership

The MAH is a 501c(3) non-profit organization managed by a volunteer board of trustees and a professional staff of fifteen.

Executive Director Nina Simon
President Jim Emerson
Vice President Bill Ladusaw
Secretary Judy Jones
Treasurer David Jacobs

Trustees Carola Barton, Larry Brenner, Darrin Caddes, Ray Cancino, Pedro Castillo, Angela Chesnut, Jim Emerson, Howard Heevner, Ted Holladay, Vance Landis-Carey, Laura LaPorte, Cynthia Mathews, Peter Orr, Maryjane Slade, Ashley Spencer, Heather Stiles, David Terrazas, Jim Thompson, Linda Wilshusen

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