The Mural: Designed by Thomas Campbell, Painted by ICU Arts, made possible by you.

"My patchwork mural reflects the collection of a lot of different thoughts, ideas, and the possibility of living in different ways and the sharing that comes with those perspectives"
- Thomas Campbell

Abbott Square will be the home for your happy hour. For your playdate. For your lunch with an old friend. For your battleground of Santa Cruz history bar trivia. For our community.

When you look up, you'll see a mural that reflects all of this. The new Abbott Square mural was designed by Thomas Campbell, painted by ICU Arts, and made possible by MAH supporters. 

Thomas is an international fine-art star whose heart and home are right here in Bonny Doon. Thomas' vision reflects the vision for Abbott Square as a metaphorical community quilt, bringing together diverse elements of our community through art, history, food, play, and human connection. Thomas was selected from a Bay Area-wide request for mural proposals. When he heard the good news, he was thrilled and honored to share his bright patchwork vision of our county with all the visitors to Abbott Square.

As of today, most of the mural is complete along the ramp from Cooper St and the 40 ft wall behind the Octagon building. The ICU Arts team will come back in mid-April to complete the wall along Front Street.