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Tea Cup Poodle

Tea Cup Poodles are also called Toy Poodles, if you have heard one name or the other now you know they are one and the same. The Tea Cup Poodle is usually very well groomed dogs. They gave long flat ears that hang from their heads. They have a rounded head and their coat is very soft and curly. The Tea Cup Poodle has sharp teeth so be very careful to keep your hands away from their mouths. There have been rumors that poodles no matter what type they are, standard or Tea Cup are nasty.

Tea Cup Poodles are very smart and active animals. The truth is they are very friendly animals. They get along with other animals as well as people. Tea Cups are very demanding animals and they are usually reserved with strangers but they are generally friendly dogs. Tea Cups make great watch dogs, they will let you know when something isn’t right. Tea Cups are not loyal to one family member they are all around dogs who will share their love with everyone, they don’t single out one person to love as some other breeds do. They can be high strung and a bit shy as well.

A Tea Cup Poodle has a life span of about 15 years but these breeds of dogs have health problems. Common in Tea Cups are cataracts, entropion and epilepsy. Other ailments that may occur are intervertebral disc degeneration and lacrimal duct atresia. Mammary tumors are not uncommon in this breed as well. Health problems occur because poodles are purebreds are very prone to be born with problems or will have problems later in life.

They can weigh between 6 and 9 pounds and standard can be up to 10 inches. Because of their height they are also prone to ear infections, runny eyes and digestive track disorders. Try to exercise your dog by going for daily walks; if you have a yard let your dogs run free they will get a better work out. Tea Cups and most Poodles have to be bathed on a regular basis and have to have their nails clipped every 6 weeks. Because dogs are prone to ear infections, check the ears on a daily basis for wax build up.

Pet owners don’t have to worry Tea Cup Poodles do not shed. They make great pets. Be careful because they are purebreds they are prone to health problems, check with the breeder where you purchase your pet and make sure you get a full health history.

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